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Our Rice Units


G.T. Road Usman Nagar Kamoke, Distt.
Gujranwala, Pakistan

Waqar Rice Mill has revolutionized the rice industry by introducing new methods of rice processing. Equipped with the most modern rice processing machinery, our state-of-the-art facility is capable of the complete manufacturing of the rice, from rice being processed in its raw form to the final packaging of the prepared rice grains.

Our rice has successfully passed rigorous chemical tests made mandatory by the European Union that ensures that our rice grains are of top quality and taste. This was made possible thanks to our modern machinery and in-house strict quality control procedures that manufacture only the best rice. We have 9 fumigation chambers where the rice is fumigated before processing and after packing.

Our facility boasts a production capacity of more than 75000 MT rice per annum, the rice processing is of total 20 MT/hr, and the husking capacity of the paddy is 20MT/hr that is actively enabling us to own a highly productive rice processing setup at the moment.

Besides the functioning rice mills and machinery, the facility also has dedicated quality assurance and R&D labs that are in charge of performing necessary tests and work on the development of high-quality rice products.

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Equipped with ultra-modern machinery, this unit complies with all the internationally set standards to improve processing operations, upgrade the quality of processed rice grains, and enhance overall work efficiency. Rice grains are passed through sophisticated processes in this unit, to be cleaned from all the extraneous and foreign materials before the final packaging. Our technologically advanced digital grain moisture tester and color sorting machinery discard grains that do not match the set quality standards. Only the finest and approved grains of rice are processed to then safely packaged through our high-end packaging equipment.


Abdul Wakeel Khan Road, Kamoke – Pakistan

Every rice grain coming out of our Unit 3 facility is processed according to all the modern technologies and goes through vigorous testing in our laboratories to assure the consistent quality and taste of our brand. We house a 80,000 MT rice storage capacity, Paddy drying capacity of 50 MT/hr, milling capacity of 20 MT/hr and Parboiling plant capacity of 10MT/hr. For error-free operations, our facility also houses paddy cleaners, stone eliminators, and rice length graders.

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24/7 Power Backup

Well timed manufacturing of our rice products and delivery of the products to our clients is highest priority for everyone at Waqar Rice Mills. Unit 1 is housing 3 dedicated generators, Unit 2 has 2 generators, and our Unit 3 facility is housing 3 generators, with each facility having a 24/7 capacity of 1MW power backup which ensures we stay on track for all our consignment delivery schedules.

WRM Quality Control Lab

Being one of the leading rice manufacturers and exporters in the world, it is our duty to ensure that every rice grain manufactured under our facility is of the highest quality and purity. Our quality control labs are established according to internationally set standards and are equipped with all the modern rice testing technology including, Rice Testing Husker, Hulling Machine, Rice Huller, Digital Grain Moisture Testing Machinery, Sample Divider, Moisture Meters, Infrared Moisture Meter, Infrared Moisture Determination Balance, and Electronic Balance. All of our rice manufacturing facilities are technologically advanced which actively helps us manufacture rice that is pure and enriched with taste and is consistent in quality across all ranges of our products.

Milling & Storage Capacity

Paddy Storage Capacity 80,000 M/T
Paddy Drying Capacity 175 M/T/H
Paddy Husking Capacity 50 M/T/H
Rice Storage Capacity 50,000 M/T
Rice Processing Capacity 60 M/T/H