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State-of-the-Art Rice Processing Unit

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At Waqar Rice Mills, we utilize a unique Octa-Q process as a part of our commitment to bringing the finest quality of rice to our consumers.

Growing & Harvesting

Since rice is a Kharif (Autumn) crop, planting, cultivation, and harvesting all take place during the monsoon season. Rice is planted between June and July, and the harvesting season begins in September, lasting through November. Because different rice varieties require varying amounts of time to ripen, they are harvested at different times.

paddy selection rice

Paddy Selection

No compromises are made in the process of choosing the Paddy. Only the finest paddy is selected with good grain quality as this will determine the overall quality of rice that is produced. A high-yield potential and highly resistant paddy are selected to minimize loss.

paddy cleaning in Pakistan

Paddy Cleaning

All contaminants, such as dirt, stones and more are taken out of the paddy when it arrives at the mill. Immature grains are also thrown away if discovered. Rice paddy is dried effectively using modern dryers that remove any moisture from the paddy.

Rice Milling and warehousing for export rice

Milling and Warehousing

During the milling stage, the husk of the dried-out paddy is removed. The rice at this stage has a brown texture due to the bran layers on the rice. Modern moisture, temperature controlled, state-of-the-art storage systems are utilized to age the rice for at least 1 full year, helping the rice output a fuller taste and aroma.

Rice to Rice

pre cleaning rice in Pakistan


A quality check is performed on the rice once more to ensure that the rice going through this process   is free of impurities (stones, threads etc).

Polishing rice in Pakistan


The rice is passed through a polisher to give it a fine and silky texture. Two polishers are used for this   process depending on the requirements.

Grading rice in Pakistan


The thickness and length of the grain are then checked using length and thickness grading. By   separating broken and shriveled grains, size uniformity is achieved. 

color sorting rice in Pakistan
Color Sorting

Finally, to ensure the product’s high quality, discolored and damaged grains are separated using a   high-tech color sorting unit.

packaging rice in Pakistan

To ensure high weighing accuracy, Waqar Rice has installed modern computerized bagging scales. The packaging process is carefully designed and executed to increase product shelf life as well as ease of handling until the point of consumption. Waqar Rice goes above and beyond to present its   products in attractive and eye-catching designs. Depending on the needs of the customer, various   types of packaging materials (such as jute, cotton, polypropylene, polythene, and polyethylene) are   used.

Rice Processing Flow Chart

flow chart of the rice process mill in Pakistan

Rice Anatomy

Rice Bran

Once regarded as a waste product and only used for livestock feed, Rice Bran is extremely beneficial for health as every ounce of rice bran contains 6 grams of fiber providing you with one-quarter of the recommended daily allowance. In addition to this, it also has iron, vitamin B6, potassium, thiamine, niacin, manganese, and phosphorus.


The rice grain’s hull is not edible to humans and is removed during processing. Because of its high silica content, it has enormous industrial potential.

White Rice

White rice is unfairly maligned! White rice is high in nutrients, with one cup providing 12% of the RDA for niacin, 23% for folate, 17% for thiamin, and 37% for manganese!

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