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One of the Top Rice Exporters from Pakistan offering international brand: Ocean Pearl Rice

International Brands

Ocean Pearl is the name of premium quality rice that provides taste and excellence of unmatched caliber. Waqar Rice Mills had successfully given birth to Ocean Pearl’s flavorful and quality rice grains with our inhouse rice breeding and development. After rigorous research and identifying the market gap, one of the top exporters from Pakistan, Waqar Rice Mills started to proudly manufacture & exporting the wide range of rice products under Ocean Pearl. From Premium to Golden to Platinum, Ocean Pearl still offers a wide variety of rice products. Known worldwide for its distinct aroma and extra-long grains, the people of North America greatly values Ocean Pearl rice as a superior product. 

Classic Basmati Rice

Ocean Pearl Classic Basmati Rice has been aged to give a delectable taste. The age provides it with a delicate aroma and smooth pearl white grains that are extra fine and long. Ocean Pearl Classic Basmati Rice elevates meals to the next level. Quality ingredients result in better-quality end products.

SIZES: 5KG | 10KG | 25KG | 50KG

Golden Sella Basmati Rice

Parboiled gently to lock in the nutrients, Ocean Pearl Golden Sella Rice has a characteristically long slender grain and a soft golden color. The versatility of the grain and its ability to absorb flavors make it perfect for any type of cuisine. The elongation of the grain during the cooking process adds to the visual beauty of any dish.

SIZES: 5KG | 10KG | 25KG | 50KG

Super Basmati Rice

Ocean Pearl Classic Super Basmati Rice has been handpicked to provide you with consistent quality, signature aroma and taste. The rice has been aged to give you that long fluffy, elongated and full of volume rice grains. It is ideal for making premium dishes.

SIZES: 5KG | 10KG | 25KG | 50KG

Rozana Basmati Rice

Waqar Sela basmati rice is produced when raw rice paddy is steamed and dried for milling . Sella rice has a long grain and becomes fluffy when cooked. Versatile, fine, long-grained and perfectly textured basmati rice.

SIZES: 5KG | 10KG | 25KG | 50KG

Brown Basmati Rice

Ocean Pearl Brown Basmati Rice is a whole-grain brown basmati rice that provides fibre and other naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. It is perfect for delicious, nutritious, and healthy cooking. Light and fluffy with a nutty aroma, it is the perfect rice for those looking for a healthy alternative.

SIZES: 5KG | 10KG | 25KG | 50KG

Jhalak Basmati Rice

Jhalak Basmati rice is of aged-long grain and of greater quality. This grain size increases, especially during the cooking process. They are known to stay as individual grains even after cooking, giving a great texture to consumers. Jhalak Basmati Rice is perfect for making rice-based South Asian cuisine.

SIZES: 5KG | 10KG | 25KG | 50KG